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Latte Pro

The perfect coffee

In the making of any milk based drink, including coffee, one of the key elements is achieving the optimum milk temperature.  This is difficult for baristas and consumers to achieve every time without reliable tools, and often coffee is made too hot or too cold.

So, we developed a product that solves this problem and assists professional baristas and home consumers to achieve the right temperature each time.

Latte Pro™ is a new and uniquely designed milk frothing jug that does not require the use of a stick thermometer.  By integrating the temperature measurement within the jug, we have removed the risk of cross contamination of milk types and hygiene related issues due to the reinsertion of unclean stick thermometers.

The Latte Pro™ has benefits for:

  • Professional and part time Baristas
  • Commercial kitchens
  • Domestic home users
  • Office and workplace kitchens
  • Barista training colleges

Current Stage

Latte Pro™ is in global market launch phase.  High scale manufacturing is online and distribution licences are being negotiated across many countries and regions.

Please visit www.lattepro.com.au for further information or to enquire about licence opportunities.


Here is one customer success story from a multi-franchise business owner. The business owner has numerous Latte Pro™ jugs in use across his stores.

My organisation started using the Latte Pro 12 months ago. We own and operate six restaurants and employ over 700 people. The reason we decided to change from the standard milk jug and thermometer across to the Latte Pro was to improve the consistency of temperature and milk quality across all our café hot beverage offerings.

Previously our staff found it challenging to calibrate and hold the correct serving temperature for milk over an extended period of time, this in turn demanded constant monitoring and regular re-calibrating the thermometer to ensure consistent milk temperature. The Latte Pro has not only simplified and improved the overall milk frothing process, but has  also reduced the time it takes  for our staff to provide great quality milk at the right temperature.

We have also been very satisfied with is how robust the Latte Pro is.  The Latte Pro is sanitised in a commercial dishwasher on a regular basis. We operate in a very fast paced and demanding environment which tests our equipment daily. We have found the Latte Pro to perform well under these circumstances, and continues to prove to be accurate and simple for our staff to use.

Steven Nicholas, Business Owner, July 2012.

For further information please visit the Latte Pro website.