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The solutions we offer

We offer:

  • Research, analysis and review of business problems and opportunities
  • Concept generation, design and prototyping
  • Business process improvement design
  • Development of technical solutions design
  • Project planning and management
  • Production and manufacturing planning
  • Commercialisation planning and management IDA network partners give us access to valuable services and technology from around the world, while our processes ensure we are nimble and facilitate short lead-time outcomes.

How can IDA help your business?

Not every business can afford to have its own research and development department, or have all the capabilities to manage a business improvement project. At IDA, we passionately believe all businesses should be able to manage their competitiveness and continual improvement, so we partner with our clients to provide advice, consultancy, specialist skills and technical solutions.

We can help your business:

  • Achieve more efficient production
  • Improve yield and productivity
  • Generate new, unique, world-class products
  • Extend product lines
  • Find market partners
  • Grow revenue streams
  • Design technical solutions
  • Design and develop innovation for industry
  • Produce models and prototypes
  • Implement the solution

Our working model is flexible and is based on individual project requirements; acting as a single solutions provider or as a member of a wider team involving other internal and external parties.